Brunswick Pool Tables

What styles of Brunswick pool tables are sold today?  This short review on tables is focused on choosing a few styles that are, in my opinion, worth reviewing in this post. Before we discuss the reviews of Brunswick pool tables, let’s talk about the history and purpose of Brunswick. Brunswick is sponsoring big tournaments in Las Vegas by providing tables. The commercial sales director and specialist handle global sales for the company, and continually produce new models with reviews and descriptions. I think that Brunswick pool tables are probably some of the most expensive tables in the world. The quality of these tables and of game play reaches an entirely new level.

Brunswick Pool Tables & Tournaments

Brunswick takes part in worldwide tournaments, adding value to some of their best tables. They continually set agreements with sports organizers to sponsor their tables and build up their brand’s name. These Brunswick pool tables have become very famous from big tournaments utilizing them. Who doesn’t want to have the same type of table used by the professionals to bring their A game? Brunswick sponsors leading tournaments in the world, including men’s and women’s tournaments.

When they moved to the gold crown 5 they made some key changes to the tables. They gave a different shape to the casting; it drops down around the corner. For a hundred years or so Brunswick pool tables have always had full metal corner castings. They added an extrusion along the rail, doubling the amount of metal from any previous model. They also made the pockets more difficult to hit, and you need a great eye to hit the ball so exactly that it falls into the pocket. This is similar to snooker.

Brunswick Pool Tables History

brunswick pool tables Brunswick pool tables have been manufactured for over 100 years, and the signature antique style and high-quality of each piece is consistently phenomenal. Today, these pool tables are standing in family homes, public locations, cinemas, bars, bowling alleys, and on the floors of tournaments and championships. Even if a table has been previously owned by other players, it is still a hot commodity among fans of pool. Everyone wants one of these famous and targeted antique tables. These are not products that can usually be found in local stores. In fact, Brunswick produced many tables between 1845 and 1945 that are high-quality antiques and provide perfect game play. They produced over 130 different models within one century, and many of the Brunswick pool tables produced many years ago are still in excellent shape. They are probably treasures in homes, and lots of people are still playing games on them.

You can bet that one table is probably worth more than 3 cheaply made new ones. Because of the age, strong table structure, quality, and heavy wood these tables are specially designed fro folks who care about quality and class. Some of the younger folks might assume these tables are too expensive and hard to find. Sometimes the value of Brunswick pool tables is determined by the market and current prices for new heavy wooden tables.