Bubble Hockey

Bubble hockey is a game made for the ice hockey fan. This game is for the ultimate ice hockey fans that can’t live without ice hockey when ice is hard to find. Suppose it’s summer and there’s no ice. What will you do to play ice hockey? Or you can’t find your buddies to play around? Then out comes the game of bubble hockey. It doesn’t matter if there is or isn’t any ice, you can play your heart out with the bubble hockey game.

This game is also known as dome hockey. The initial idea of bubble hockey came from a Canadian named Don Munro who invented table hockey in the 1930’s. But with time came the necessity of bubble hockey, as the players of table hockey were losing too many pucks and sometime hitting innocent bystanders standing nearby the games. To protect bystanders and keep from losing the pucks, Munro eventually came up with the idea of installing a protective plastic cover on the top of the table. This is how bubble hockey was invented.

Features and Rules of Bubble Hockey

bubble hockeyBubble hockey is also played in arcades. This is an arcade game that can be played by two people. It is somewhat similar to Foosball. The only difference is that bubble hockey looks like a miniature hockey rink. There are a total of 12 players that are controlled by two human players. Each team has six players. Each team includes three forwards, two defenders and a goalie. All of the figures are set in rods that are controlled by the players. These players can be moved forward and backward with the help of the rods. The main objective is to put the puck in the opposition player’s net that is protected by the goalie. The goalie moves from side to side to protect the net, rather than moving forward and backward. Movement of these players is done by pushing, pulling and twisting of the rods.

In order to play this kind of game one should have basic knowledge of traditional ice hockey. This will provide the ability to play bubble hockey as the rules are same as in traditional ice hockey.

Summing up Bubble Hockey

If you are wondering why on earth the name of the game is bubble hockey, the explanation is pretty simple. There is a plastic dome covering which is placed over the game table so the puck won’t fly off. Here the plastic covering looks like a bubble, so it’s because of this that it was named Bubble Hockey.

Bubble hockey is very popular in the United States. This game is available in many arcades and sometimes bars. However, when you are traveling outside of the United States don’t plan on finding it as easily. You might find table hockey, which is basically the same as bubble hockey except without the protective plastic bubble on the top.

Bubble hockey is a very competitive game. In United States regular tournaments are held for BIG fans. To play bubble hockey you can go to arcades or you can buy a table, which is found fairly easily in the online market. Whether for fun or some real competition bubble hockey is the perfect game for you.