Bumper Pool Table

A bumper pool table is a pool table that can be used in a multitude of ways. Bumper pool tables are available in different sizes and shapes. These tables can be rectangular, hexagonal etc.

Tables, Rules, and Features of a Bumper Pool Table

The idea of the bumper pool table initially came from the standard pool table. The basic differences in these tables are the size and number of players that can play. Usually, the rectangular bumper table size is 48 inches by 54 inches; where as the standard pool table’s size is 36 inches by 84 inches, although this can sometimes vary from table to table. Usually regular pool or billiards is played between two people. Bumper pool is played with two teams, each consisting of two to three members on each team. So bumper pool is a team game where as normal pool is more of an individual game.

Bumper Pool Table Facts

A standard bumper pool table has only two pockets or holes; where as a regular pool table has six pockets or holes. There are 12 bumpers on the bumper pool table playing surface, of which four of them are situated near the two pockets or holes. The other eight bumpers are in the middle of the bumper pool table. These bumpers act as defenders when the opposing players try to bank the ball in the pockets. There are overall five balls in a bumper pool table for each team. The colors of these balls are white and red. The bumper types are basically made from the combination of solids, veneers, and fine quality hardwood.

The top of the bumper pool table is covered with green fabric. Most bumper pool tables have elegantly curved legs, with a base and aprons. Models are also available in circular shapes. There are also many colors available. The price of the bumper pool table varies in size, color, and material of the table. For example, walnut tables are usually higher in price; hexagonal and circular tables are generally more expensive than the rectangular ones.

Why Buy a Bumper Pool Table?

bumper pool tableBefore buying a table you need to have an understanding of the reason for buying it. Buying purposes vary, but most people buy this type of table for its multipurpose function. For example, there are multipurpose bumper pool tables on which one can play bumper pool, poker and other games or even use it as a dining table. The hexagonal bumper pool table is the most popular style sold. The hexagonal is a 3 in 1 table. The pool table can be converted into a dining table, which can be converted into an eight person poker table with a flip of the top. The price of this particular style of table is around $600. If that price is too high for your budget then you can purchase a regular bumper pool table. There are rectangular and circular shaped tables produced at an affordable price.

The price mostly varies based on the quality and brand of the bumper pool table. Simpler bumper tables do not necessarily mean lower priced tables. There are tables that are completely made out of wood that costs around $900. One kind of Bumper pool table is made out of oak, comes with a certain amount of chairs and has some other special features which can cost up to $ 2000.