Carpet Ball Table

A carpet ball table is a very commonly seen table game in households and game shops. Carpet ball is a very entertaining game. The game’s main objective is to knock all of your opponent’s balls into their end of the table.

These tables are often found in camps and youth facilities. The length of a classic carpet ball table is usually 10 feet long and 3 feet wide. Other sizes can be found too, but 10×3 is the typical dimensions for most company manufactured carpet ball tables. The board is covered with fabric or inside/outside carpeting of your desired color. The carpet ball table has a shallow pocket at both ends.

Carpet Ball Table – Rules and Strategies

The game is usually played with standard pool/billiard balls. There is a white cue ball and ten other balls for two sides. Sometimes it is played with just the lower numbered balls if any balls are missing. The number of balls must be divided equally between the two sides.

There are certain strategies followed while playing carpet ball. The basic strategy is placing the balls into a correct pattern. A few of the common setups go like this:

  • Half of the balls on both side of one’s end
  • Placing all the balls in the middle in a straight row
  • One ball in both of the sides of the table and rest of the balls into a straight line in the middle of the table.

The last strategy is also known as Slingshot.

Apart from these strategies there are a lot of other strategies that can be followed. The professional players even have different targets of the opponent’s ball. They decide which one to go for first and continue their strategy based upon the opponent’s balls setup.

Carpet ball Table – Tables and Prices

carpet ball tableA carpet ball table can be made in the home or bought from a store already manufactured. Usually these tables cost $600 to $1,500 or even more, already manufactured. The price of the carpet ball table depends upon the quality of the table. Don’t forget that you can also make a carpet  ball table at home. It can even be made from scraps of lumber and used carpet. This will cost around $50, more or less depending on exactly what you need to purchase and what you can find used or scrap. It will cost around $150 to build a decent carpet ball table with decent quality materials. In ordering carpeting and non-lumber materials it will cost between $60 and $80. I estimate about $40 to $60 for the indoor/outdoor carpet ball table and then fasteners of $20 to $25. After that you find the wood that you prefer to use to build your carpet ball table itself.

Carpet ball is a nationally recognized game. There are various associations and promoters of carpet ball that encourage carpet ball as a sport. One of the more well known associations is The National Carpet Ball Association. In the end it can be said that carpet ball is a very popular game among people of all ages. People enjoy carpet ball not only for its entertainment but for its competitiveness. A carpet ball table is a wonderful purchase for anyone looking for fun, competitive entertainment at any age.