Air Hockey

How To Play Air Hockey Successfully

What Is Air Hockey?

Air hockey is a table game that hit North America in 1972 and just a few years after it become popular by both the younger and older generation. Now it´s played in shopping centers, game saloons, cinemas, at home, and also professionally for a living. Air hockey was the kind of game who immediately gained popularity by children and also adults. It´s a fun game an it´s easy to learn – you don´t need a degree to handle air hockey. I love it.

To play air hockey you´ll need a game possibility and also a table. If you didn´t try it before I recommend to check it out at least once (better a few times) to get a feel and understanding for hockey. If you like – feel free to buy your own table for playing air hockey at home. These types of games are really huge!


How To Play “Air Hockey”

You´ll need a bulk, table and another player. Air hockey can only be played by two players successfully.  Flip a coin to decide who will receive the puck first, but you can also let your opponent begin if you want. Now come strict rules that many people are not used to. You´ll have to push the puck within 7 seconds towards your opponent direction. If that doesn´t happen it counts for a penalty and your opponent immediately receives the puck and has the possibility to push the puck towards your direction within 7 seconds. The game goes like this all the time – the only thing you´ve to be aware of is to stay within the rules and time frame.

The skills for air hockey have to be developed over time, so you need patience to get better at it. Be certain to protect your own goal as good as possible, so that your opponent won´t have an easy time to make a goal. You should focus on both defensive and also offensive. At the beginning it´s not so important to play perfectly because you just started with hockey and it takes a while to develop some decent skills. Never through the puck into the air – that´s a penalty too!

It´s like in any other game too. When the puck leaves the gable, you must give the puck to your opponent. It is about fair play and following the air hockey rules.

Air Hockey

Now, one game consists of reaching 7 goals for you or for your opponent. The player who reached 7 goals first wins the game. Your focus should be on protecting your goal and playing offensively to also have a good chance and possibility to make 7 goals.

Go and play it with your kids, your spouse and friends and develop a new passion in a great time. The more motivated and passionate you are about hockey, the better it´s going to be for the outcome of the game. Playing it in cinemas, shopping centers, game halls and more just costs around 1-2$ per game. Air hockey is very affordable.