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Welcome to this post on Arcade games where I`m reviewing a few entertaining, enjoying and also crazy games.. As you probably know it´s tough to make a list of top games, because how do you define them better than others? I think it´s a matter and question of personal flavor, experience and also the fun that it brought you. Your personal top 10 list or arcade likes you enjoyed the most might be different than to mine or those of your neighbor. One of the arcade games that is freaking in even though it´s old school is Cadash. Another one is called “Final Fight” which suits optimally into the list if you ask me. This is a fighter game, a ganster attitude is necessary to beat it!

The king of fighters 94 is one of the awesome arcade games as well. They had many games in this time and they combined all the factors in this one game, and this is why it´s just freaking amazing! You can play this game as Robert Garcia or other popular faces, and start a decent fight today. Another one is called alien versus predator. You could use all different weapons such as predators weapons and fully get into the fight. Next up we have dungeons and dragons. This thing will blow your mind, and the advancement that this game brought was absolutely insane. You could choose your own way through the game. You finish one, and just the next way by yourself. Very easy, but really good!

Top Arcade Games

Magician lord is one of the classic games. The graphics of this game were great and the music was also adventurous and breathtaking. Everything that a REAL action game need was within Magician lord. Strider is another game that you can´t let go of. Another good one was for sure Willow, which killed the expectation of most gamers at this time. There was also a movie out that was related to it. It was a really action based and graphically well constructed game which offered more than initially expected. The Ninjawarrior was another killing arcade games that was on the market in 1998. It was one of the very rare arcade´s that had 3 screens. Yap, it was made up of 3 screens so the action definitely increased here! You played as a ninja warrior and you were trying to get to the enemy warriors to fight them. The set up of this game was really incredible, and if you played it a few years back you know what I´m talking about.

Best Arcade Games Ever

I think the best arcade games of all the time is street fighter. Here you can change to different characters, different combos, just set it up the way you prefer it! I know that right now it´s tough to get most of the games which were in for around 10 years, but you can still find them partly. The legendary street fighter is always worth an hours, so get busy with it!

This review illustrated some of the best “arcade games” ever.