How To Billiards?

Billiards Instructions

Billiards is a great game which requires knowing where you´re at. Getting a feeling on the pool table does not take too long provided you´re consistent in your exercises. You wouldn´t start a marathon without knowing what you need for the start and how you should train to eventually reach the top spots, would you? Billiards is all about shooting the same AWESEOME shot over and over again, but pool doesn´t make fun when you don´t score. I mean it´s pretty frustrating when you´re trying your best or not, but still missing every shot, what do you think? From my perspective, you need to work and improve on the shots which are clearly difficult and which make worries.

You want to create a strategy and stick to it, similarly to every other sports game. The most important thing with billiards is to know how to hold the pool cues first, then move on to the next technical approach. Practice the same position with professional cue, try to keep in mind how important and vital it is to have a decent angle by every shot. Always make sure to have enough angle to come across the long and short rails. I know that it´s not so easy at the beginning, but the more your practice specific spots and think about the next step and how to have optimal angle for the next billiard ball, the easier the game becomes. Obviously, the best place to be is in the middle of the table. Here you´ve usually enough space and angle to kill each ball. You can get back to the middle of the table after each ball and move on to the next one. This will allow create a habit.

Billiards Practice

You can practice your skill by throwing out randomly 3 balls on the pool table, which is called a progressive drill. Than start with ball in hand. Try to run them and shot all 3 of them (first ball 7, 8,9). If you do this effectively you can go with 4 balls, after that with 5. Now it comes: If you miss one ball at stage 3 do it as long as you hit all of them in the right order 7-9. If you shouldn´t hit one or miss one in the later stages go back to the lower stage and give your best again. Great billiards practice which opens the door to create skills.

Another method that works out pretty well is to take 8-10 balls through them randomly across the table and start running them randomly too. Make sure to always have enough distance from the rail. Because the closer you get to the rail the more difficult it becomes to get or sustain angle to the next ball. These are great billiards practices which you can imply on a daily basis. What you have to do, is to not let the cue ball touch the rail. Give it your best shot! Make certain to also start with ball in hand, go behind each ball and check position and how to run it smoothly.

Follow the tips about “billiards” and start a match soon!