Definition Foosball

What is foosball?

Welcome to the wonderful world of foosball. Around 2 million Americans know how to play this funny game also called table soccer. In fact, the game has a bit history and it become popular and played after world war 2. Foosball is German for fußball, sounds weird doesn´t it - Which is English for soccer. This brilliant game deserves a little run down for all the rules. Those of you who are not familiar with foosball right now will definitely get something out from this message. Let´s begin.

Foosball Tips

Firstly, you´ll need a table and at least two players that you can play a game. Logically, you´ll also need balls and a room but this should be clear. Now, you have to put the ball into the serving whole. Use the serving whole to start the game. The first time any of two players can serve but after the first ball is gone, the loser will continue serving until the game is finished. Does this make sense to you so far? Table soccer is awesome isn´t it?

The ball is always in play unless it leaves the table in one of the goals or it stops somewhere where none of two players can hit it. If the latter scenario happens we are talking about “dead ball”. This ball is gone and the players have to serve a new ball.

Next, touching a ball that is in play is illegal and not allowed. If you do that it´s very likely that the other players, your opponents will exclude you from the next game. Follow all foosball rules as manifested in the game plan and try to avoid acting egoistically or trying to get an advantage for yourself. If the ball is dead like illustrated in the paragraph above you can touch it, but if you touch the ball that is not dead – you´re dead! J

Accept goals the way they are. A goal counts as a goal no matter how fast or slow the ball got into goal. Goals are the catalyst for winning, so they´re a necessity!

The next rule you´ll have to follow is: No spinning and no jarring the table. This might be considered as getting an advantage for yourself (which is mostly the case), and your opponents might exclude you from the next or future games. Very essential foosball facts.

If you spin or jar the table your opponent can take the ball and put it wherever he or she wants, does this sound like a good foosball deal for you? Probably not.

Start With Foosball

Foosball is a game which can be played or arranged as reasons such as: Fun, entertainment, and also for professional reasons. If you want to play at home you´ll need a soccer table in one of your rooms, and also invite friends or relatives to the game. On the other hand if you should plan and play for professional reasons like in special league which usually and most of the times exist of very high skilled competitive opponents, you´ll have to increase your skills and techniques at least times 20 from what you were used to. If you´re a beginner, start with an "easy" game and enjoy this wonderful and entertaining game called foosball.