Ping Pong

Ping Pong Introduction

Ping pong is the game that was played since over 100 years so far and many different names described this type of sport for many years before. It hit the earth in 1884 and had to accept various names before it manifested as the better known table tennis. In 1898 the game gained more popularity and the very first time that manufactures focused on producing sets for people who couldn´t wait to play the game!

In the 1920s ping pong realized and incredible increase in popularity, mainly in Europe and it was played regularly. So what´s the difference between table tennis and ping pong? The name ping pong couldn´t be received because it has been registered by a company and they had to buy the rights. However, since the year 1926 it has been known as table tennis. Today, it´s played pretty much everywhere in the world, but it took some time to reach this status of importance and popularity.


Ping Pong Rules

Ping pong which is also called table tennis is a game for challengers and guys who seek craziness during sports – it´s not that harsh. Did you already play table tennis once? You´ve to be individual, you´ve to be fast, you´ve to think about strategic movements.. What you need to table is a ball, a batter, a table and also a second player of course. The best way to hold a batter is to push the thumb to the batter, push the other forefinger on the other site of the batter and make sure you´ve a good position. The forefinger has to be on the other site of the batter. Don´t start the service inside the table, have enough space between where the table begins and where you start the service. Always follow the rules.

Use your whole buddy for the service and not only the batter. Hit the ball at the middle of the batter and scroll up.. Don’t use your elbow too much, rather use the forearm for the service and feel your body. There are endless skills involved but these should help to gets started wisely. Look for new adjustments to spin the ball, so that your opponent will have a tough time to play back at you. Try various forms to hold the ping pong batter..

Ping Pong Equipment

It´s been mentioned above what you need to start with ping pong right? Most importantly, you´ll need a tennis table, racket, plenty balls and also a second player who is encouraged to play you at any given time. If you´re just starting the game and want to play mainly for fun, I don´t recommend buying expensive cloths and shirts which will kill your budget. On the other side, bringing an investment for better racket and balls will have a positive influence on the game and the way you both play. Of course, ping pong can also be played by 2,4 and also more players, depending on your level of creativity!

This review on ping pong was concentrated on the rules, history, and equipment!