Slot Machines

How Slot Machines Work

Slot machines have a long history, but today you can find them in every casino, pub and other public locations. At first, I want to tell you guys how these machines work. Every one of them has a computer chip inside, it is called a random number generator. This chip focuses on mathematical calculation, and it´s doing them pretty quickly. It´s doing calculations about a thousand times each second to determine which combination should appear in the real. When you push the spin button that causes the chip to stop at this exact instance and displays the pre calculated version in real.

Every time you see a new combination the computer has already chosen it in advance. Hopefully this makes sense. When a casino or slot machines provider orders a machine the manufacture gives two options to the customer. The computers are pre programmed to only paying a particular amount back on average. If casinos wouldn´t make profit with gambling and especially slots, they probably wouldn´t invest in it, but it´s one of the richest and most profitable industries nowadays.

As in other areas there are more machines and manufactures, so it´s just a matter on how the computer is programmed in regard to paying back. Generally, most types are paying out 85% and 98% of every investment that will be made by the gambler. The choice is done by domination. Even though it doesn´t seem like someone can make a huge lost in the short term by playing slots, however, if you see the bigger picture and are playing daily this can get you into financial troubles indeed.

How Do You Win With Slot Machines?

The reality is that you can only win by getting lucky. Don´t forget that slot machines are pre programmed, so you have no influence on which pictures and data it´s going to give. As a player, your expected ROI (return of investment) is negative, because the computer is pre influenced and there is nothing you can do to make it work differently. Unlike to poker in which game is skill involved, the outcomes in slot are entirely luck. People who spend their entire income or a big chunk of it into this kind of gambling will lose big over the long term.

There is absolutely no system that can guide to winning in slots. Unfortunately, many people buy systems in the hop to develop some kind of a strategy which leads to constant winning streaks. There is no pre programmed point or amount that a machine will pay out exactly when you put in x amount of money. It just only pays less money back than you or person put into the machine. For instance: If a penny is programmed to pay only 93% of all monetary inputs out, than this means that over a few million plays, the casino can expect to win 7% from all the money that their visitors and gamblers put into the penny machine. However, you can´t expect to put 100 $ into the machine and get 93 $ back after each game. This is absolutely not how it works.