Definition Of Snooker

What Is Snooker?

Snooker is an indoor game which became very popular in the last few years. It´s played on a billiard table, however, the table is far bigger and the pockets at each corner and at the middle of the table are much smaller. So what does this mean? There are more skills required to knock each ball in the desired pocket. The goal of the game is to reach the maximum amount of points possible, and you do this by playing one red ball and one call after each red ball has been knocked. There a total of 15 red balls and 6 different colors on the table. They count from 2-7 points each. You´ve to play a red ball and a color until no red ball is on the table. After that, you´ve to knock yellow (2points), green (3points), brown (4points), blue (5 points), pink (6 points), black (7points).

If you miss one ball, your opponent has the next chance to know one ball. It goes like this after no balls are on the table. If you just start with snooker, it is incredible difficult to knock any ball. It is because each pocket is only a tiny bit larger than the balls itself. This makes it extremely tough to make a few points for each turn. That doesn´t mean that it´s impossible to win a game, but you´ll need a lot of patience and practice.

What Do You Need To Play Snooker?

As in every other game, you need an opponent, a snooker cue, a table, good light and if possible a chilly atmosphere. Some people say that Snooker is similar to chess, because it requires a huge portion of concentration, strict planning and focus to create a solid game. Theoretically, you could have your own table standing at home in your living room, but it will need a lot of space, besides, these tables are usually not too cheap either. Buying a table only makes sense if you have an oriented game plan on how often you want to play this type of sport. Check for some local pool halls which should be providing such a possibility. They´ll also have snooker cues, balls and good light. Don´t forget to bring a buddy with you.

Snooker Tips

Playing professionally Snooker and knocking one ball after the other, cries for permanent skill. You´ve to sustain angle to a red ball, and after that place the cue ball so that you´ll angle to a color. This is trick at the very first, especially when it seems impossible to just knock one single ball into the pocket. Maybe you want to get a coach who teaches how to play the game. Watch Snooker on TV, observe how the pros maintain angle after each knocked ball. This is a great tip. However, watching it on TV and playing it is different and much harder. But, it´s an appreciated starting point for every newbie. Besides, we recommend learning how to hold the cue properly as well.

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