Chess Boards Types

Chess boards come in many types and sizes. The tiniest and most handy type of board is the flat type. This type of board both the board and the pieces are flat. Generally, these chess boards are magnetic. In reality, it can be fairly tough to move the pieces on these types of chess boards. This is probably the least expensive version available and allows you to take the chess board with you wherever you go.

Chess Boards Types

On the other hand, some people prefer a three dimensional piece that they can grip and move. There are innumerable chess boards which are three dimensional, great to use, and start selling at about $15-$30 and go up in price to a few hundred. Another fun and practical type of board is the electronic chess board. With these chess boards you can also play by yourself against the computer if you can’t always find an opponent. The pieces on this board are really tiny and it can be tough to move pieces easily.

chess boardsMost other types of chess boards are made of wood and you’ll receive them in a nice wooden box. The box has enough space inside to put the pieces in for storage. Most sizes are fairly convenient for taking the board with you on vacation or when traveling. They generally don’t need a lot of space and you can easily put these styles in your suitcase. There are also other types of chess boards that are made of wood and magnetized. These magnetic wooden sets have a sheet of metal under the wood. This makes enjoying a game on an air plane, train or bus fairly steady and easy. There are also 3 DM sets which could be defined as pecks. That is another way to prevent the pieces from moving around the board when flying and turbulence hits.

Additional Chess Boards Types

The next type of chess board is super flat and has a nice style. They have a good size and also a good field to them.

As you probably assumed, there’s also a tournament type of set which would have a “waddle board”. This can be folded or rolled up. Here you’ll usually find the biggest size, but these types of boards are also available in smaller sizes. Tournament pieces are usually medium weight. This option is very popular for tournaments or people who want to play in parks. Half fields of tournament chess boards are normally green or brown instead of black. This makes it easier to view where the pieces are being placed from a further distance.

Unlike most other sports or free time activities, chess needs a fairly small financial input. If you compare it to billiard, golf, or other types of sports it’s very reasonable. Purchasing a board shouldn’t be a problem and if you’re buying on the internet you’ll normally have it within one week under normal circumstance. However, finding a like minded man or woman who loves and plays chess can be a challenge, but by being persistent in searching for an opponent you should be able to find someone! Chess boards are also a wonderful way to connect with people.