Electronic Dart Board Review

Electronic dart board has been the ultimate possibility for a great game since years. This review will give you all information on electronic dart board.

This quick review on the “electronic dart board” will offer some decent info on models, places, and price comparison. As in most cases, let’s start with the basics before we go into the different types. Darts is commonly played these days and has gained a promising reputation worldwide. Originally, darts came from the United Kingdom, where most championships and tournaments take place today. Darts is a game that requires strict focus, exactness, patience and knowledge of how to properly throw a dart. How you throw your dart towards the electronic dart board determines the score you achieve. The good thing about buying a dart board or playing darts is that you can have the game in your living room, basement, or anywhere else you desire. Darts don’t usually need too much space.

Electronic Dart Board Overview

electronic dart boardGenerally, buying an electronic dart board can be expensive, sometimes too expensive for folks on a tight budget. First of all, I have to admit that you probably won´t find a quality electronic dart board below $2,000 or possibly even $3,000 or $4,000. Now, what do you do when you don’t have 2K to invest in an electronic dart board? You can either save up more money and wait a bit longer or buy a cheaper electronic dart board with less functions. That means that it´s probably not electronic. Or, you can take out a loan which I don’t recommend at all. If you’re really wanting to get into the game but can’t afford to invest in proper playing conditions, than you can simply play in bars or game halls or  buy a non-electric board for practice. These boards are usually around $50 to $200, which is way cheaper than $2000. We all want to have our desires  immediately, and if possible yesterday! However, it’s sometimes smarter to wait and give the situation some more thought.

Electronic Dart Board Models

The first type is called “Spectrum Omni”. What is different about this compared to the the usual elite models? These definitely have a shorter profile, and they’re missing the camera option. You can get this  electronic dart board for around $ 2375.00. As I said before, you’ll rarely find something below this price that is acceptable in offering quality, too.

Some typical characteristics of this dart board are:

1)      Flat Panel Monitor

2)      Dual-fluorescent back lighting

3)      Game and software updates are available

This kind of board is really very good already, and this model offers a great price to performance ratio.

Next up, we have a similar electronic dart board from the same provider called “Spectrum Elite M”. It´s very similar to the previous model, but the monitor is Mid-Mounted and a little bit shorter.

Some characteristics of this module are:

1) 19 LCD Flat Panel Monitor

2) Dual-fluorescent backlighting

3) Game and software updates (these can include advertisements)

The simplicity of these boards coupled with the great structure allows even a complete newbie to see his exact score and the remainder of his score. You can even play against a computer. Obviously, this is a highly professional approach to the game. These two models of an electronic dart board give great examples of how easy a game of darts can be.