Finding The Right Shuffleboard Equipment

Find out which kind of shuffleboard equipment you need to start a successful game today.

This post concentrates on shuffleboard equipment and on the various types of tools available for free-time players and professionals. Shuffleboard can be a very expensive game indeed, but it can be far cheaper if you know where to save money and more importantly IN WHAT to invest your money. Shuffleboard tables cost anywhere between $500 and $5,000. It’s true that for the casual player, purchasing all of the pricy necessities for the game can be too expensive. However, by investing in tools and cloths that fit within your budget, nobody is going to go broke. You’ll need pucks, a scoreboard, cues, and proper shuffleboard cloths. These are all part of a free time player and professional player’s required shuffleboard equipment.

If you want to create your own shuffleboard you can reduce the total costs drastically. Knowing how to create it and where to get the proper parts and material can take an amazing amount of time from your schedule. On the other hand, it will save you some substantial money also.

Shuffleboard Equipment And Playing Surface

Shuffleboard EquipmentShuffleboard equipment tips: The surface for shuffleboard consists of sable wood or armor top. You can get this type of wood in a specialty store. This variant is far cheaper than buying your own shuffleboard equipment. I’d say you can reduce your costs by 20% to 60% on average. You also have to be aware of the time required to get this part of the shuffleboard equipment done and this can take quite a while! For cleaning you will need wax, liquid cleaner, and also a specific spray to clean the wood. Ask for help when cutting the wood for your board to avoid mistakes and miscalculations. Additionally, use colored paint to paint the scoring zone on the shuffleboard.

Shuffleboard Equipment

Shuffleboard consists of 8 pucks in two different colors, 2×4 bulks. What else should you know about the shuffleboard equipment? Let’s talk a little bit more about cues and how many you need! The number of cues you need completely depends on how many people are involved in a game. You can only play up to four players per game so you won’t need more than four cues in total. You need one cue per person. Cues are made out of aluminum. There’s a “C” shape at every cue which allows you to have a grip and push the pucks towards the scoring zone. Accomplishing a higher score than your opponent is key to winning the game. A good foundation for a push is the “C” shape. You’ll also need chalk to record all points from your opponents and yourself. This makes the game a lot more official. Writing down everything that happens is essential, so make sure to also get enough chalk.

Shuffleboard Equipment Summary

Let’s quickly summarize everything you need to buy before a game can start. First step is to purchase a table or make the table yourself. The choice is yours. The shuffleboard equipment has to be purchased, because it’s tough to nearly impossible to make this stuff yourself. You will need to get wax, liquid cleaner and a specific spray to clean the wood. Also, you will want to purchase pucks, cues, and don’t forget chalk These elements build nice shuffleboard equipment for both beginners and advanced players.