Game Room Tables Variants

Game room tables embrace an enormous variety of aspects such as tables for different games, community table, dinning table etc. Great game room tables tips.

Game room tables can be an essential piece of the game itself or an additional accessory for dining, playing cards etc. It’s not always one or the other. Let’s have a look at a few game room tables which can be found and are usually purchased for public or community type of places.

Here are some game room tables for various indoor sports that you might want to consider:

Air Hockey Game Room Tables:

Air hockey tables are located in many game rooms. One of the leading companies that make quality air hockey tables Harvard. They have, by far, one of the biggest assortments and the price ranges available. An air hockey table will usually cost around $300 to $400 each. One of the cheapest air hockey tables that you will find on the internet and sometimes even in local stores, is called the “Acclaim AirPowered” table. The price for this table, in most cases is around $200.00. Of course pricing can vary from seller to seller. This is a great table to enjoy plenty hours of evening and weekend fun with one’s family.

Recommended Game Room Tables

Another good table available in the Harvard collection is the “Air Powered” table. This table weighs a lot more than the previous one described above. This added weight leads to a more stable and a professional style table. The Air Powered costs around $450 to $550 in most stores, but can probably be bought on the internet a bit cheaper. However beware of the shipping costs involved for this heavy table and compare pricing after adding in the additional cost.

Next is my favorite brand of air hockey table in the entire world. It definitely deserves the title of “favorite” because of the huge variety of items, game room tables and other accessories they manufacture in various table types. They offer game room tables for ping pong, billiard, Foosball, air hockey, and more. The company that has a huge array of game room tables available is called “Sportcraft”. They pretty much have everything you will need in the area of table games. Add to that their respectability in the business by offering excellent design, quality, stability, and style.

Excellent design is the standard for Sportcraft and what I also appreciate as well is that shipping costs are included in the price when purchasing from them online. Buying heavy game room tables from overseas, getting them delivered to your home, plus having a woodworker who can put it together can almost cost a small fortune. If you could eliminate the shipping costs drastically or even wipe them out completely, then you have the ability to get high quality game room tables at good price.

Game Room Tables For Pool

game room tablesThe Brentwood billiard table is another table that has successfully sold to billiard players in the past. This table offers great value with ultimate performance. The strong wooden structure and well designed playing surface should meet the needs of every pool player. The original cost is $ 1,000 included shipping, playing surface and all other parts and accessories. This is a table you can enjoy with family, friends, or relatives at any competition level. Before deciding on any particular game table, consider the room color, furniture, accessories, and which style the room should have. Planning well always leads to making good decisions when making such an investment for the long term. This post reviewed two brands and companies that, in my opinion are producing excellent game room tables.