Get Professional Poker Chips To Start The Home Game

Poker Chips Definition

Welcome to this post on poker chips which is dedicated and focused to the topic of poker chips. I´m a very passionate poker player myself and enjoy doing tricks with chips but also enjoy playing poker! Professional chips are made of clay and usually heavy metal on the inside. The cases are usually metal or wood and look precious. If you´re ready for home games like most people are – you´ll have to get a 300+ poker chips set which is ideal for around 5 people. Home games usually have around 3-5 people, so there will be enough chips for an interesting and exciting evening! These sets usually come with 5 different types of chips and naturally in 5 different colors.

Cards, dealer button and 5 different types of chips will be included in the case. If you consider starting a bigger home game for like 8 – 10 people – you´ll have to get a bigger chips set with like 800 – 1000+ chips. This will ensure fun and joy during poker!

Types Of Poker Chips

Let me give you tips on buying your first poker chips. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of chips: clay, metal, and plastic chips. Clay chips are only made of one material and the chips have 39mm diameter and are usually the best chips. They´re used in big poker tournaments such as the world series of poker or other big tournaments. Metal chips have metal inserted and are also good chips. The last type of chips which are called plastic poker chips are very light weight and you can get them at your local store. First of all you want to decide which kind of poker chips you want to buy – make the decision based on your personal needs and also financial resources. Although, this is usually a one-time investment in a few years and poker chips usually last for a few years. I personally prefer investing in quality over quantity, bu that´s just my personal path. :)

Poker Chips Summary

How many poker chips you need mainly depends on the quantity of players. If you´re with like 8 buddies and friends you´ll need around 1000 poker chips on average. Poker is a game that should make fun and having enough chips is a guarantee for a great game! I think that metal chips are pretty much ideal for home games, because they´re heavier and better than plastic chips. It is a lot more professional to use these types of poker chips.

There´s a lot more to say about the selection but now you should have the basics and also some tips on the different types. Have you already prepared a nice and comfortable table for your home games? If that is the case the only thing that is missing are chips, cards, dealer button – and o course some players!

Make sure to give your best during the poker game, so that you´ll become better and better. Hope that these tips on “poker chips” have been helpful to you, so that you can get the chips which suites your personal need!