Glamorous Vintage Pinball Machines

Vintage pinball machines offer the classic, high quality and also very well known game opportunities.

Vintage Pinball Machines are the classic pinball machines. Whenever one thinks about them, one thing in particular comes to the mind and that’s woodrail. Woodrails were produced in the 1950’s and 60’s. These vintage pinball machines had wood rails down the sides of the machine and a wooden frame around the back glass. For this reason it was called “Woodrail” pinball. Woodrails were mostly used in the bars, but a few very lucky people had the opportunity to buy them for their home.

Changing Tracks from the Old Style

Vintage Pinball MachinesThese vintage pinball machines were the king in games before the appearance of coin based video games. One of the best machines of the 70’s era was “King Kool”. In those days it was the synonym for fun. It had double flippers on both sides. If one were to compare it with the recent vintage pinball machines of this generation, they would find it much simpler but far more classic and elegant. The uniqueness of these types of machines was that they had reels that turned around to show the score. They even had lights that shined through the back glass.

Different Features of Some Great Vintage Pinball Machines

The term “vintage” pinball machines basically means that the machines which were produced before 1977. After 1977 it was generation of solid state machines. By the mid 70’s the microprocessor was invented. This completely changed the style of pinball machines. After the invention of the microprocessor, machines were digitalized. These new machines contained circuit boards and had digital displays. That means they had a digital scoreboard and digital sound available. There is a term called “pinball wizard” which refers to the owner of the vintage company that has rocked at these pinball games. Pinball was the craze back in 1970’s before the invention of video games.

Why Going for Vintage Pinball Machines?

Even today, a lot of people still prefer pinball over video games. Though some think of them as old junk, this point of view changes from person to person. Due to the age of these vintage pinball machines, it is said that before marriage these vintage pinball machines gives the ultimate kick to your living room, but after marriage it has no place to go but to the basement. Theoretically, you can place them anywhere you like, just find a place that is optimal. Maybe it’s time to create plans for your own game room to play this amazing, fun indoor sport.

If you’re a big fan of pinball machines, you can get vintage pinball machines on the internet market and locally at some stores. Though the production of these vintage style machines stopped after 1977, some of the used ones are still available in the online market and some antique shops. They are also often available at a fairly decent price, depending on the design. The vintage pinball machines are available for around $1,200 to $8,000, depending upon the uniqueness of it. If you have a good feeling and desire for games, you will want to get at least one machine. It is never too late to have glamorous vintage pinball machines in your living room or game room.