Harvard Air Hockey Table Review

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A Harvard air hockey table is extremely targeted by current air hockey players.  These tables can be purchased through the internet or more immediately at a specialty store. Harvard itself has persisted and endured in the hockey industry for the right to say that their products are superior. This brand has sustained a standard of quality and reliability that other air hockey manufacturers should model themselves after. The high rate of customer satisfaction is one clear indicator that Harvard air hockey table has achieved their goal to produce quality tables.

Where To Harvard Air Hockey Table

By shopping online at a Harvard site or a site of one of their affiliates, you can find a great selection of tables. These harvard air hockey tabletables are priced from a few hundred dollars to $2000 or more. Most of them have been reviewed by customers who purchased them. These reviews are helpful to reference in order to see how these purchases worked out for other customers. Some product problems won’t be in the product description, and unless you had diligently read customer reviews you may not discover it until after you purchase the product. This is a waste of time and money, so save both by reading reviews. Even if a table doesn’t receive a great review, you can always find another model to consider. However, with a Harvard air hockey table, the satisfaction of players and customers is obvious.

There are many reliable places offering these tables for sale online. Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Harvard affiliates, specialty sites, and even Harvard offer online pages that feature reviews and information on their selection of products.

Harvard Air Hockey Table Types

The best Harvard air hockey table is definitely “Harvard GO3509W,” which can be purchased on Amazon.com or through Harvard. However, there are some issues when it comes to purchasing tables. Depending on the retailer, most can’t be shipped to any country other than the United States. Air hockey originated in the United States, which is probably why over 80% of tables are produced in the country. Contact customer support before settling on a specific table to be sure you can have it shipped to your country if you are outside of the United States. If you choose a Harvard air hockey table, make sure to also buy pucks and strikers or pushers. These pieces of necessary equipment normally come with Harvard tables, but double-checking can’t hurt.

Another solid type of Harvard tables is called “Harvard Action Area.” This Harvard air hockey table features quick-response inlaid electronic scoring, a smooth playing surface, and puck return goals. Google products was recently promoting this specific table, and it received many positive reviews. Be sure to calculate the available space in the area that you plan to place the table, whether you choose your garage or living room.

A Harvard air hockey table is fairly heavy, which makes shipping expensive and explains why most places won’t ship outside of the United States. No matter where you buy the table, make sure you reference the customer reviews and review the shipping and return policies. When purchasing a Harvard air hockey table, also consider buying accessories such as extra pucks and a cleaning spray for the playing surface. Harvard supplies all kinds of accessories. For more information on Harvard air hockey table please read our category posts.