Harvard Foosball Table Review

Discover how Harvard Foosball table can make your home game the best one you have ever had. Read the most valuable Harvard Foosball table review.

Why should you buy a “Harvard Foosball Table” if there are hundreds if not even thousands of others available? The industry is bombarded with foosball tables, so why should you consider the Harvard Foosball table? This post is focused on all the questions you might have regarding buying a Harvard Foosball table and will give you solutions and answers to all of them. Are you ready to go? Then here we go…

Harvard Foosball Table

harvard foosball tableFoosball is a fantastic game and you might be looking for your first or a new replacement table. Perhaps you don’t know which one to pick out of the hundreds or even thousands of brands and styles out there. Foosball has become more and more popular worldwide. With that popularity certain brands became associated with the game as well, such as the “Harvard Foosball Table”. Harvard tables help you stay in shape, and almost have the same feeling as playing on the real field. Additionally the Harvard Foosball table will give you a smooth and professional style of play. The best reasons for buying such a well built, top line Harvard Foosball table are numerous. A heavier Harvard Foosball table provides a stable game. A top of the line Harvard Foosball table is a great addition to any game room. The Harvard Foosball table is a beautiful piece that accommodates two or four players and it adds value to each and every game you play!

Some people don’t realize that it really doesn’t matter if you want to play indoor or outdoor games, because these tables are made for both variants. Playing outside in the summer with your kids is great fun, especially with a table that offers excellent playing conditions. One style of table is called the “Harvard Black Deca.” The Harvard Black Deca has a beautiful black cabinet with silver trim finish. The table is a bit more expensive but will very likely last for a lifetime. The great handling adds to the continued fun of the game. Many online providers have included shipping in the price of tables. Shipping would usually add a substantial amount of money to the final buying price based upon the weight of the table, so free shipping is a huge bonus. Most of these styles of the Harvard Black Deca are between $500 and $900, but trust me they’re worth every penny!

Harvard Foosball Table Type

Let’s get a bit more into detail about the different types of Harvard Foosball Tables. The first one is called the Harvard Tournament foosball table and has remarkable material in every facet. They say that this table is built for life and last forever, so it’s hard to kill them! It has a 15” deep cabinet and 2” thick sidewalls, 5” x 5” massive wooden legs, an elegant and stable crossbar for long-term stability, solid steel rods, and weighs 180 pounds. Some assembly is required. This table is built for tournament play. What does this mean, “built for tournament play”? When a table is built for tournament play, you can expect that it’s nearly impossible to damage the table. Strong and carefully chosen wood adds to sturdiness of the table and every bit of the material used is of the highest quality. Usually, returns have to be made within 30 days of the purchase and you generally have to send an e-mail or give their customer support a call to discuss your issue; but this doesn’t happen too often with these tables. In my opinion, Harvard absolutely deserves to be ranked as one of the top producers in this industry.

Harvard Foosball Table” Are Built For A Life Time