How To Buy Used Slot Machines

Used slot machines can be purchased through previous owners, specialty stores and the internet. Read this review to learn more about used slot machines.

If you are thinking of buying used slot machines for yourself or your guests, you might want to review the different options. There are plenty of used slot machines from different manufacturers on the market, some are used, some refurbished. You need to be sure that you also pick a winning and popular model in order to be able to compete with other slot machine owners and get the most fun out of the machine with little to no hassle. Not only does the manufacturer’s reputation count, but also the popularity, the ease of use and the service offered. If you are thinking of buying used slot machines, you need to read through the guide below to avoid the most common mistakes buyers make.

There are different reasons why people buy used slot machines. They might be collectors of unique items, running a casino or own a small bar. Some people also have a game room at home where they like featuring unique  used slot machines to entertain guests. For all these people quality and uniqueness is equally important, but there are other things to consider as well.

The Age Of Used Slot Machines

You need to take into consideration how old the model is and if you can get spares or repairs. However if you are a collector of specialty items you would probably go for the older models. You can easily find out the age of the model and also the number of games played on it from the manufacturer’s book. Alternatively, some used slot machines have a counter you can check. If it is a popular and well known model, it is going to be much easier to get it serviced and you can sometimes even get a guarantee from the seller.

The review of the model

The most important thing you have to do is check the model’s reviews. There are great sites and gaming forums where people share their honest opinions and experience with different used slot machines. You need to know the pros and cons of the machine you are looking at. You can get the information from the most competent people, those who have already owned the model.


used slot machinesIf you are running a casino or bar, you need to ensure that the slot machine is going to generate you income. If you pick a popular model that your guests are falling in love with, you can increase sales and income from the games. If you have a popular item that not many other bars have, word of mouth is going to help you increase sales and you can gain some great new customers. If you are setting up the used slot machines in your home game room, you still have to ensure that you are providing the best possible entertainment for you and your guests.



The more unique the slot machine is, the more it will cost; but this also means that the price others will pay for it will also increase over the years. So you can look at buying used slot machines as a kind of investment in many ways. Just make sure you are maintaining the machine well and are not running it down. Sometimes you can get good deals either online or at auctions when looking for a special edition slot machine.

Used Slot Machines Tip

The most important thing you have to consider is the service and guarantee you are offered by the dealer. You can pick up used slot machines with a guarantee or regular servicing agreement, which is surely going to pay off for you in the next few years.