Indoor Basketball Game

The indoor basketball game is a very challenging and entertaining game. There are five players on each side. The objective of the game is to break through the opponent’s defense and put the ball in the hoop. Whichever team scores the most wins. That’s the basic idea of most indoor games I guess.

The idea of the indoor basketball game came about due to uncontrollable weather. In the beginning basketball games were totally an outdoor game. Basketball was on the ground, under the open sky. But slowly the weather became a problem. In the monsoon and winter seasons, obviously it became very difficult to play basketball. Hence the idea of indoor sports emerging. Now there are indoor basketball game courts built inside buildings in gymnasiums. With indoor courts you have protection from the weather and temperatures that used to make games impossible. Playing indoors allowed us to continue the fun of the game while keeping us out of the elements. It’s just as fun to play but now can be played anytime!

indoor basketball gameIndoor basketball game is a very entertaining game. Dodging your opponents and shooting hoops is so much fun that it can hard to describe the entertainment level without experiencing it yourself. Indoor basketball games require a team spirit and camaraderie. The hoop rim is 18 inches in diameter. The hoop is mounted on a backboard and the hoop is placed 10 feet from the ground. The scoring system is fairly simple. You can score from one to three points, depending on the type of shot. If a player scores from the foul line, they get one point. If the player scores during regular play time from inside the circle then they get two points. If the player scores from outside the circle, from the farthest length possible the player and his team are awarded three points. The team with the most points wins at the end of the game. If there is a tie in points then overtime is played. The players have to walk or run while dribbling the ball and may pass the ball to the teammates to advance the ball down the court to their scoring end. If the player walks with ball without dribbling it’s a foul. Each time they get the ball a team has 24 seconds to shoot, otherwise a foul is called.

Skills and Strategies for an Indoor Basketball Game

There are basically three skills needed to play indoor basketball game. These skills are shooting, passing, and dribbling. There are specialized players in different positions. Usually the tallest members of the team plays in the center, small forward and power forward positions. The shorter players tend to play in the point guard or shooting guard position. This indoor basketball game is played in four quarters of 8 to 12 minutes each, depending on the league. There is a fifteen minute half time break. If there is overtime then an additional five minutes is played.

There are five players on each team with literally unlimited substitution, but these substitutions can be done only when the game is stopped. The indoor basketball game is a very popular game all over the world. Basketball games have regulatory bodies such as the FIBA, NBA, NCAA and more. These regulatory bodies make the rules of the  indoor basketball game for that particular league.

Summing up Indoor Basketball Games

The United States is considered the home of the indoor basketball game. They nurture and build their players from the very beginning. They have grade school teams, high school teams and college teams. There are various different national leagues, and international leagues. The popularity of the indoor basketball game is very high and the entertainment and thrill of this game simply awesome.