Kem Poker Cards Review

Why Are  Kem Poker Cards Are The Best On The Market

If you like playing poker, and you have already set up your playing schedule or have a poker table at home, you might want to purchase the very best accessories for that. There are many options and different types of poker playing cards on the market, but if you are keen on good quality, you might want to find out why most of the professional players are using one particular product. Kem poker cards are the highest possible quality cards, made of 100% plastic and are also printed with the most advanced technology. If you want cards that give you the best performance and will last for a long time, no matter how much you play, read the review below.

Kem poker cards last longer

These cards are made to play with, and are very durable. Made of thermo-plastic material, almost impossible to tear. You can also wash the cards, without damaging the graphics, as the prints are the highest possible quality as well. That way you can save money on  poker playing cards in the long run, too. It is also helping you play clean, as there are no imperfections, “doggy ears” to remember. The cards do not change shape, color, and the graphics do not wear off, either. Their measurements match the standard size of 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches.

Kem is the most popular  poker playing card

Most of the professional players do prefer playing with plastic cards. And if you cannot afford new cards, you can still buy them used, and ensure they are or can be cleaned easily. Now, if you were to buy some used paper poker playing cards, you would not be able to ensure they are not full of germs. But another reason why most players prefer using Kem poker cards is that they have the best shuffle, the best faces and much better feel than paper or any other plastic cards.

Where to buy and what the pack contains

You can buy these cards in gaming shops, online or offline. The online shops tend to be much cheaper, however you will not be able to feel the cards before you buy them. If you are worried about the price though, you need to know, their prices are much lower than you would expect based on the quality. But if you think you cannot afford buying new cards, there are plenty of used Kem poker cards on offer on various websites. When you buy, you need to know that each pack contains 2 decks, just enough to start with, however you might want to order some spare ones as well, in case you lose one.

Special edition Kem poker cards

If you are a collector, or just like making your poker games unique, you might want to know about the different themed  poker playing cards offered by Kem. You can purchase a Golf theme Kem playing card set for poker, the very same ones used in most card rooms or poker tournaments. Although these cards might cost a little bit more, they can really enhance your game room and poker table. As these cards last longer, you can still use them, even if you are looking to set up a poker card collection at home. But one thing is for certain. Once you have tried playing poker with Kem plastic cards, you will never again want to go back to paper  poker playing cards again.