Ping Pong Balls Review

Knowing which ping pong balls are high in quality and which are pretty bad is really essential for the outcome of your game.

Choosing good ping pong balls can be quite difficult and time-killing, especially if you consider the countless types that are on the market. This little article on ping pong balls is dedicated to giving you some tips that will be useful for making the right selection. We want to get a ball that doesn’t have a seam in the middle. Having a seam is not optimal for matches at all. In my opinion, if I’m shopping for ping pong balls and the salesperson or provider tries to sell me on balls that have a seam in the middle, I’ll immediately decline them because they’re simply not good for playing. There’s no need to worry though because there are plenty of other options available. Just because the salesperson tries to sell you a poor type of ball doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything better to choose from.

Ping pong balls types:

Ping Pong Balls The next type of ping pong ball is one that busts easily and is low in quality. If possible, make sure to avoid purchasing these balls as well. The third type of model is called the trainer ball which is HIGHER in quality but also more expensive. This is what you should be looking for. The last type of balls are the ones with 3, 4 or 5 stars. These ping pong balls withstand a lot of pressure and they’re very difficult to destroy. You can test this with your thumb; press your thumb with the forefinger and see if you can push it a little bit. A good ball should be able to withstand this pressure. Cheap ping pong balls are usually not perfectly round because of the seam, so this is not high quality. It is better and smarter to invest in something that costs 3-4 times as much but withstands 10-20 times as much pressure. There is a purpose to more expensive products and this includes ping pong balls.

Ping Pong Balls Tips

You can spin the ball on the ground or maybe on a table and follow the ball with the top of your thumb. Here you can clearly see and figure out whether it has seams, isn’t round or everything seems to look awesome. Let’s summarize everything we learned in this section. First of all, go with quality over quantity, only accept ping pong balls without seams, and invest more if necessary. Try to spin the ball and see how it moves.

Ping Pong Balls Additional Information

The last section is focused on some strategies and how approaching the right technique during a match is key. If possible, always keep the ball low over the net. Keeping the ball high over the net makes it easier for your opponent to attack or play aggressively. You can go with another net above the original one, and put it higher logically, and practice to stay as low as possible under the above net. This technique helps you to adjust the serve, returns, and aggression properly. If you’re comfortable and doing well, you can adjust the string and net to a lower point and work on your game again. The lower you put the string the more difficult it becomes for the serve, but this is the master skill to force your opponent into having a hard time with the return. These set ups are used to keep the short push low over the net.

Now get some ping pong balls and begin with the training. I hope you enjoyed the tips on ping pong balls.