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How To Use Poker Cards For Shuffle

Today we´re going to discuss how you can use poker cards for shuffling. Let´s have a look at how dealers shuffle cards on the black jack table, in poker games and also in the big tournaments you might have seen on TV before (World Series Of Poker). Everything is just a matter of practice and just because you only saw this methods in the big and high games doesn´t mean that you can´t learn it. It is rather the opposite.

Shuffle Poker Cards

Here comes a step by step instruction on how to shuffle cards optimally. Follow this suggestion exactly and don´t navigate from it too much. I can forgive you if because you´re still learning. Separate one poker deck to around 50/50, then come across with your hands on top. First fingers on the top, fingers on the side, thumbs on the back and what a card dealer or you in this case should do. Then bring both heads together and use your thumbs to start dropping cards from each packet, so that they card will just fall on the corners. Than the fingers come together, the pinkies are in the back, they do the pushing and they push in. The fingers at the top and the thumbs in the back keep them from sliding around, and they push in, and the come across and let go of all the fingers. That is the process on how to use cards for shuffling.

That´s the actual way to do a poker cards shuffle. It´s also the way you probably observed many times before. Right now you know about the process, how to use your fingers and also on what you should pay attention while shuffling the cards. Playing poker, and knowing how to shuffle is essential. Usually, you want to shuffle poker cards on the table, but you can also do it without a table. I recommend doing it a few minutes each day over the course of a few days and weeks, and watch how your shuffle skills improve over time.

After knowing how to shuffle you can offer to become the dealer in home games if you wish to take this road.  You can purchase poker cards for just a few bucks on the internet and you´ll have it delivered within days. I suggest buying 2 decks for your purpose and also for the poker game. You want to have one in reverse if something happens to the first deck you can still exchange one card or use the other deck instead.

Poker Cards Summary

The most important step to remember is to take half of the deck and start using your fingers to do the rest. If you want to learn more about cards and how to shuffle I recommend watching some videos on Youtube or other video sharing sites. Poker is a fun game, knowing how to shuffle will make fun as well.

If you´re interested in learning more about poker cards, how to shuffle and also want to learn further and more advanced trick, you can start educating yourself in this specific niche today.

Get poker cards and start becoming creative!