Shuffleboard Pucks Review

Eveything you need to know about shuffleboard pucks. Read the section beneath to learn more about essential aspects of pucks.

Let’s talk about shuffleboard pucks and what you should pay attention to when choosing one. Primarily, we’ll talk about the weight of the shuffleboard pucks. In most cases, heavier pucks allow a more defined placement on the shuffleboard and give better control over how you use it. Lighter pucks are tough to control and you’ll have a hard time  placing it near as good as with the heavier ones. There’s a difference in price, but no matter if an amateur or a pro wants to play shuffleboard heavier pucks build a better foundation for placement and control. There are also mini pucks available which are appropriate mostly for small children. When you become a better player, know how to define areas such as play field, and have acquired an understanding and strategy on how to place pucks, you’ll have better options and outcomes when using heavier shuffleboard pucks.

Shuffleboard Pucks – Puck Shapes

Here comes the typical comparison between more expensive and cheap puck shapes (shuffleboard pucks). Generally speaking, the button has to be a pretty smoothed cone shape. It doesn’t have to be entirely smooth, however, it shouldn’t point like a “top”. As you probably guess, cheap pucks are completely flat at the bottom and can move crazily. The  shuffleboard pucks should never lean to just one side but rather balance extremely well.

Shuffleboard Pucks – Puck Caps

Puck caps are on the puck to distinguish and confirm whose  shuffleboard pucks are whose, so that there won’t be any misunderstandings during the game. They also serve the task of a decoration too, but the main purpose is to make them unique to other kind of pucks. Most pucks have the same sizes and caps.

Shuffleboard PucksYou also want to purchase stainless pucks because they’re more professional for the players, and last longer. The most popular form of shuffleboard pucks are “chrome plated.” As in most cases, a cheap puck is usually made with bad material and this ultimately leads to bad game conditions. More expensive pucks are made of a better material and therefore will last for many games. This quality puck will also assure that you won’t have problems too often also. However, if you decide to go with the cheaper puck, be prepared for quick issues and problems during your game.

What else can I give you to the game? The choice is yours; you can go with the more expensive pucks which will most probably  last longer and provide a quality game, or choose the cheaper method. As mentioned previously, kids will need special equipment and you’ll have to get cheaper stuff for them. Most providers only have very few choices for kids, because they’re mainly focused on providing shuffleboard pucks and other equipment for more mature players.

There are many online shops providing pucks in every variant and type you can imagine. It is probably the best way to get started and also a huge time-saver to check online for your pucks. Check out some of the other posts on this blog to learn more about this fun and entertaining game of shuffleboard.

P.S Purchase more expensive, top line shuffleboard pucks and let the game begin!