Shuffleboard Table Tips

A professional and also awesome shuffleboard table must have the right size, playing surface, brand and more.

My goal with this post is it to give you more information on the shuffleboard table such as tips to buy one, what you should be aware of and which factors actually play a part such as wood stability, edge, and more. Are you ready to start? I am. If you want to buy a shuffleboard table, make sure to buy a board that is very strong at the edge. The edge is the longer side of the board. Go to a provider who has a board for demonstration purposes, go to an expert who can show you what solid tables are made of. If you want to put this thing together yourself, than you’ll need solid suggestions from somebody who’s versed in the field and niche.

Always ask for more details about the particular kind of wood. Many internet providers sell their table as a different kind of wood than it actually is made of. You have to be careful there.

Shuffleboard Table Maintenance

Knowing how to maintain your shuffleboard table is key. Get some tips from your table provider, such as cleaning accessories and other tools that can help to keep the wood smooth. Taking care of the maintenance is way to ensure that you will enjoy a great game throughout many years. Not taking care of the shuffleboard table can lead to unnecessary wood damage.

How To Build A Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard TableFirst of all, determine which table you actually want. You have two choices: the usual shuffleboard table or a deck. Get plans on the internet, from your friend, or get information from other providers and manufacturers. However, I strongly recommend you decline taking free plans which are not specifically focused on the type of shuffleboard table you want. Here’s the golden and effective rule for a cool future game: invest in better plans which can give more detailed instruction for a defined type of table. You’ll have to inform yourself on the wood, how to treat it, how to make edges and much more to come. Free plans usually only teach the basics and are not specific enough.

Don’t forget to put away some time for constructing the table. Experts recommend putting aside at least 30 hours for the frame and leg construction. But in all honesty, if this is your first shuffleboard table you’ll probably need more than 30 hours, ESPECIALLY with very little to no experience in woodworking or similar tasks. Seek some help from a friend or experienced shuffleboard table producers or woodworker and it will reduce the amount of time you require drastically. It will take you around 15 hours to finish the surface and an additional 15 hours for finishing the playing surface. Obviously, there’s a lot of work waiting ahead for you. It’s really not that harsh at all, and if you want to play shuffleboard soon, then you should be willing to accept the work too.

A smart tip and strategy is to always build the legs first, so that the foundation is already built. It will be easier to continue to the next step if you build the legs first. There are more things to mention about building a shuffleboard table, but these are the essentials to get started!