Snooker Tables Maintenance

What are the best steps and tips for a great maintenance for snooker tables? Here you´ll find approaches to keep your snooker tables smooth and solid.

Brushing and ironing snooker tables helps to maintain a flat playing surface. We have to start with a normal table brush which works out great for our purpose. Start at an end of the table and brush all the way up or down to the opposite side of the table. Do this for the entire table. Then put the brush on the table and move it from one end to the other. Do this particular maintenance care at least once a week. If possible, do this maintenance a few times per week or even every time you finish or start a game. The cleaner and smoother the playing surface is, the better you can knock balls into pockets and sustain an angle for the next one. It also helps keep your table in top condition.

Hold the brush lightly and be sure to take care of the rails also. You need to put aside at least 10 minutes for this maintenance, at least once per week. Also get underneath all four rails and brush the dirt away from the table. The goal of this task and process is it to clean the table, so that the quality of the game remains high. After brushing, you want to iron the table. You always want to do this along the rails. Never start with ironing the short rails. Put the iron in nice and slow; there’s no need to hurry here. If you have ironed one half of the sides, make sure you repeat the process on the other side. If you’ve accidentally spilled something on the table, such as drinks or cigarette ashes, you will need to purchase a new playing surface.

Snooker Tables

Snooker tables are different than pool tables and the standard ones cost more. These snooker tables are very precious and have a high performance condition for the player. Playing snooker needs preciseness and a good eye on how to knock each ball after the other. Snooker tables start at around $500 and can go up to as high as thousands of dollars for a table. This is especially true when we’re talking about the tournament size snooker tables with classy wood to add to the elegant look.

Snooker Tables Tips

snooker tablesHowever, it’s not a must to start with something super fancy if you can’t afford it right now. When buying new snooker tables there’s a great probability that you will get one or two snooker cues as a bonus for free. If you buy a brand new table, which can be quite expensive, I’d go for a deal here with the provider. Get cues, a hard case, maybe a lamp and appropriate chairs as a package deal for a reasonable price. Before purchasing your snooker table make certain you have a REALLY BIG room to accommodate its size. This is going to be the biggest challenge for most, but planning ahead can help you buy the proper sized table. Check out some online shops with snooker tables and accessories to get a feel for what you may desire. Once you’re sure of the amount of room you have and the budget you have to work with, get out there and get your snooker tables today!

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