Stiga Ping Pong Table Review

Stiga ping pong table is one of the leading brands for tables, supplies and other accessories. Continue reading below..

Stiga ping pong table is a well known brand of table and the company is one of the leading manufacturers, if not the most successful, in the industry. They focus on outdoor tables, supplies, and providing top accessories in this specific niche. It is rarely seen that a manufacturer keeps their products up to date, make them better each year, and develop with the needs that their customers have. With such an extensive selection of goods there is something for everyone.

Stiga Ping Pong Table Models

One of the latest models is the CS which is retailing at around $470 in most stores. Just because a brand has a table that seems to be very affordable to the average earner, it doesn’t mean that the quality is low or bad at all. It is actually just the opposite in this case of the Stiga ping pong table. So what kind of tables does Stiga offer to the market and what are the special features of them? Let’s review just a handful of them:

Generally, the Stiga ping pong table is available in the following assortment: Competition, Leisure, Mini and Outdoor.

Stiga Ping Pong Table Competition

Stiga Ping Pong TableThe “Competition” variant splits into the Compact, Expert, Expert Roller CSS, Optimum 30, and the Premium Compact. These tables are super high in quality, and the specific size for the Competition Compact is W= 152 cm, D=69 cm, and H=155 cm. This is the classic folding Stiga ping pong table which can be purchased online through the manufacturer. The “Expert” is a bit different and is undoubtedly created for professional and club play. The extra high density top is a very special feature and additionally two strong duty wheels are integrated into this table. This is definitely one of the more expensive choices a person has with this brand, but I can pretty much assure that nobody will find fault with the quality and stability of this table. Because of the massive weight of 120 kg, it should be clear that this table is constructed for durability and high level matches.

The Mini-Stiga tables are like the word already promises, much smaller on average than the standard Stiga ping pong table described above. This Stiga ping pong table is already assembled and ready for a great family game, but note that this is not the table for high level matches. This Stiga ping pong table is constructed for pleasure and games within the family. It is very light and, weighing just 30kg, it definitely doesn’t compare to the heavier constructed styles within this brand. The measurements are L = 181, W = 102,5 cm, and H = 75 cm.

The typical outdoor possibilities with Stiga are Mega CS, Roller, Performance CS, Super, and also Winner styles. Because we are talking about specialized outdoor tables, they are built to withstand rain, heat, and cold. Note that they can also be used for indoor purposes and can simply be folded and put into ones garage or other storage areas.

The price range for these tables starts with the “Competition” and “Outdoor” tables being the most expensive, followed by the others. I recommend you pick the Stiga ping pong table according to the purpose that you have with this game. If you are not quite sure about which one to buy, simply start with the outdoor Stiga ping pong table which is great for any season and purpose.