Table Tennis Guide

How do I play table tennis? This is a commonly asked question for many new players and people who have just entered the world of ping pong. To know the essentials you have to follow tips and facts from successful players. Now, what exactly do you need to play table tennis? You need a paddle, a table, a ball and an opponent. It works much like normal tennis, but with different rules. If you have watched classic tennis often on TV then you’ll be familiar with how it works. The smaller playing area concentrates the action, requires using your body and technical skills to outplay your opponent. You have to create an emotional and physical advantage over the whole match to ensure a visible edge in table tennis. Easier said than done right?

Table Tennis Facts

Table tennis is an indoor sport with leagues and also tournaments that are table tennisonly played indoors. This is because the wind influence alone would be a negative factor to outdoor play. What else is there to say about ping pong? Many people are asking,  “What kind of steps do I have to take in order to avoid injury?” The first thing you can do is to stretch to avoid pulled muscles. Make sure to maintain a healthy and regular breathing rhythm to avoid breathing problems. You have to wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the sport. That means that getting rid of tight clothing, such as jeans and shirt, is a smart decision. Wear something short, light, and comfortable. Tight clothing may restrict you. Never go to the table without the right clothes, an opponent and a paddle…

What do you have to do to become a table tennis champion? If you really want to play professionally you can hire a coach who can assist you with tips and tactics on how to become a better player. All pros get coached from experienced table tennis champions, mental trainers and also previous world stars.

Table Tennis Champion

To become a table tennis champion you have to act like you already are one. Being in the right mental and physical shape is not only a possibility but rather a commitment that has to be made. Be aware of what you consume before a match and also how much you take in before you begin a ping pong match. Paying attention to stance, paddle grip, foot positioning, and breathing control give a better feeling throughout each match. Pros recommend mastering your own mind, which actually comes before mastering technical movements. It’s not just about your technical abilities. Of course your technical ability contributes to the outcome and score, but do you know what really pushes you through a match? It’s the mental awareness on what ping pong requires, accepting failures, lost balls and lucky hits from your opponent. This mental awareness is mandatory.

Don’t be upset if games shouldn’t end the way you wanted. There will always be a new table tennis game and probably even a more profitable game for you. At the end of the day, table tennis should be fun and entertain everybody at the same time.