Tips On Snooker Tables For Sale

The types and prices for snooker tables for sale vary greatly. A person has to know the exact details before he or she can decide for snooker tables for sale.

Finding snooker tables for sale are unlike other aspects of any other indoor game. Snooker tables for sale are quite expensive and require a lot of space in your room. The game of snooker originates from the United Kingdom and this is the main reason why most accessories and tables are produced in the UK. It’s not like buying a cheap billiard table for a few hundred dollars, or purchasing chess boards on the internet. This sport requires much more of a financial input, at least for the table.

Snooker tables for sale prices:

These kinds of snooker tables for sale normally start somewhere around $3,000 up to $20,000 (if it’s a real, rare kind, special edition or designer edition). There are little to no snooker tables for sale that you can get for a few hundred dollars. Even used, most snooker tables for sale will still cost around $1,000 – $3,000. It is rare, if not impossible, to find a table that is not made of wood. The Brits prefer to go with an expensive, quality wood because this makes the snooker tables  for sale extremely heavy and unique.

Snooker Tables For Sale – Sizes

Here are just some general sizes which you will find. The typical and smallest snooker tables for sale, in most cases, start around 9ft x 4.5ft, but note that this is pretty much the smallest size you can find. After that comes 10ft x 5 ft, 12ft x 6ft. These sizes are very stable and most of them have eight legs per table. It is very unusual that they have only four or six legs. The recommended room size for the largest styles, which would be 12ft x 6ft, is 20ft x 15 ft. It’s important to keep that in mind and write it down. You don’t want to buy something that you can’t accommodate.

Snooker tables for sale tips:

snooker tables for saleIf someone lives in a small flat with just a few rooms, it is usually difficult to get use of the table. Most snooker players and people who make use of this game in their homes have great availability of space and a calm atmosphere. Playing snooker definitely requires a decent sized room. If not having the proper space and room for this game is the case, you might want to consider searching for snooker halls. Snooker halls allow visitors and players to play on their tables in return for an hourly rate or payment per game. This is a brilliant alternative, especially if you don’t have the money to purchase your own table or adequate room.

Where To Find Snooker Tables For Sale

This can be the tricky part. When going through a list on the internet, comparing prices for snooker tables for sale, you want to have a closer look on the shipping costs. It is most certainly not included and very few shops or companies include shipping in the main price. Unfortunately, the shipping alone will probably cost you a few hundred dollars. Buying such a table is not like buying a pen or paper, because it weighs hundreds of kilogram and most of them have to be shipped from the United Kingdom. It should be clear that such an object can’t be sent as you see it on TV or in halls. You will receive the table in different parts, and have to put it together. That is why a woodworker or versed man in this field is necessary! This summary focused on snooker tables for sale.