Used Pinball Machines for Collection

Are you getting ready to buy your first used pinball machines? Great tips and suggestions on used pinball machines.

Used pinball machines can sometime be very special. There are a lot of people who look for the good old machines that bring back the memories of their joyful life and youth. They provide a lot of entertainment and fun. Pinball machines started its history in the 15th century.

Used Pinball MachinesThe basic idea came from outdoor games that were played with rolling balls or even stones in the grassy field. With a lot of modification, pinball was first introduced in 1830 by a British man named Montague Redgrave. There were some modifications made in the later time. One of the main modifications was replacing the cue with a spring loaded plunger. After the invention of the microprocessor, the pinball machines were digitalized with electronic scoring boards and sound systems.

The fun part is in its redesigned decor after some time. The pinball machines changed their shape in the 80’s. The machines were available in Humpty Dumpty, movie themes, TV themes and many more shapes and styles. As you can see, from the start in 1830 to present date, the pinball machine has many different attributes. These extremely sought after machines are not only for entertainment but also for collection.

Point of View on Used Pinball Machines

Some people purchase used pinball machines for their collection. The used pinball machines give their collection a grand style. There are different uses and benefits for starting your own collection. Some people use them to play pinball and some keep them as mementoes. Used pinball machines can easily be repaired and can even be used as new if they are almost like new. The one problem collectors of used pinball machines may have is that sometimes spare parts are not available for the machines. If spare parts are available, then even used pinball machines can be turned into just like  new.

The older types are even more fun to play if they possess some special memory. Used pinball machines from the 70’s and 80‘s are still sold at a high price due to their antique look and attributes. For instance The Humpty Dumpty machine is one of the most famous used pinball machines in existence. It is one of the highest sought after machines there are and it is very rare. A very few of them are available in some personal collections. Another special machine is the Theater of Magic pinball machine which comes with a very special feature, the “Magician’s Saw”. There are some combination shots that enables the magician’s saw to move. The saw is fitted with a special motor. This pinball machine has it all in it. This one is classic, very well detailed, and challenging. This machine is one of the all time best productions from Bally.

Another awesome machine is “The Sopranos Pinball Machine.” This is one of the all time favorite games in BMI gaming. “The Sopranos” is a very famous TV series. This was the first machine that had three different speech levels. These speech levels included “Adult”, “Standard,” and “Family” speeches.

Used Pinball Machines Summary

As you can see used pinball machines are very famous. They are available at a price of between $4,000 to $8,000. These used pinball machines are best for collection purposes, for people who want to keep this game in their memory and look at the wonderful machine when they enter their room.