Video Arcade Machines

Video arcade machines are the type of arcade game machines where the game is based on other games. These arcade games can be based on video or physical games. Video arcade machines are more popular in modern times, and so we have video arcade machines. These are also known as video game arcade cabinets or video coin-op. These video arcade machines each have different components, but some parts are common.

The most common video arcade machines parts are:

•       Monitor: The monitor is where the game is displayed, and may be oriented horizontally or vertically depending on the game.

•       Power supply: Provides power to the game and allows lighting to function, as well as sounds.

•       Marquee: This is where the name of the game is displayed. These are often brightly colored, and may have lighting installed.

•       Bezel: It may contain the game-play instructions.

•       Control Panel: Contains controlling buttons. It is usually level with the surface near the monitor.

•       Coin Slot: Coins are pushed through these openings which allow for the acceptance of money or tokens. Players usually have to pay a set amount of money to play a predetermined section of the game.


Video cabinets come in many types. The most common styles are the upright, the cocktail or table, and the sit-down.

Upright cabinets:

The most common kind of video cabinets is upright cabinets. This type has the controls slightly above waist level for a fully grown person. The monitor is at eye level, and the controls are usually joysticks.

Cocktail cabinets:

Some video arcade machines are in smaller boxes with smooth, clear glass or acrylic on top. The monitor is inside the table, and the player sits and looks down on the game. These are known as cocktail-style arcade game tables. They are much smaller than upright cabinets.

Candy cabinets:

Because of the resemblance of the plastic to hard candy, these cabinets are often known as “candy cabinets” by both arcade enthusiasts and the industry. They are generally lighter and easier to clean than upright cabinets.

Deluxe cabinets:

Deluxe cabinets are often used for fighting games, flight simulators, racing games, gambling games, or endurance games. These cabinets have parts similar to the standard vehicle controls.

Cockpit cabinets:

These are similar to deluxe cabinets, but with cockpit cabinets players sit inside the cockpit part of the cabinet to use the controls. This style of cabinet gives the gamer an even more intense gaming experience.

Mini cabinets:

Mini cabinets resemble upright cabinets, but they are the shorter version.

Counter-top cabinets:

Counter-top cabinets have touch screen controls. They are just large enough to accommodate a monitor and control panel.

Summing up Video Arcade Machines

video arcade machinesVideo arcade machines are being developed every day depending on the game being played on them. Developers try to cater the machines to the specific type of game. The manufacturers are focused on providing optimum entertainment. Though things like computers and Playstations have been developed, video arcade machines still exist. These video arcade machines provide a different type of pleasure which cannot be provided by more modern gaming technology.