Why To Use A Shuffleboard Wax

Shuffleboard wax is essential and necessary to sustain great playing conditions and circumstance during the game.

Shuffleboard wax is a supply you use to keep the puck rolling smoothly on the board. The better the shuffleboard conditions, such as smoothness and well waxed board, the more likely it’s going to be that you can push the puck hard and with speed towards your opponent’s direction. The way you achieve goals in the game is also determined by your playing skills. Shuffleboard wax, which is also called powder, is used by both free-time and professional players. There are waxes which come in liquid form to lube the playing surface properly. The objective of this supply is it to create smooth playing conditions to run the puck continuously.

Shuffleboard Wax Tips

Shuffleboard WaxPowder reduces friction between the puck and surface. So you probably already figured out that too much shuffleboard wax can cause a super strong game, where not enough powder will probably cause an ultra soft game. The ability to find something in between these two options should be what you strive for with the shuffleboard waxing. You might not believe it but the length of the table is also a factor in determining what type and how much wax you need. Different lengths require different waxes and different quantities of shuffleboard wax needed. The longer the table is the more or faster wax you’ll need .The reason for this is that the more distance there is the more the puck will slow down after each push. It depends on your table and more importantly the length of the table to decide how much shuffleboard wax you will need. You can get advice about this topic from the manufacturer, so make sure to tell them about your table conditions.

Shuffleboard Wax – Choices

Just like with cars, there’s a big difference between a Porsche and a Toyota.  It works out the same with waxes, and I just want to introduce you to one of the manufacturers that I believe has the best overall product in this area. The company I find to be the best is called Sun-Glo. The company provides shuffleboard wax, powders, and maintenance products. They clearly describe how the popular wax, or powder, contributes to a higher game and that it doesn’t have anything to do with your ability to play. The shuffleboard company provides seven different powders which will suit the table you have selected or purchased. Using a spray before you powder will help to prevent and reduce tracking spots behind the puck. This is very critical because if this is not done the puck won’t move as quickly and optimally for both your opponent and you. A spray also assures that your wax lasts longer.

Additionally, a good wax asks for a good weighty puck. Get some tips from the manufacturer listed above and ask if they can recommend puck types which are congruent with the powder and wax you purchase. If all this is done correctly, then you want to make sure to also be consistent with waxing the table. Being specific can be difficult because it really depends upon the use of the board, but the general rule is this: Follow the instructions from the manufacturer, read the instructions and wax it your board regularly, especially when you notice that the puck isn’t moving the way it should. Shuffleboard wax can be purchased on the internet. For more tips on shuffleboard wax and other accessories please see related posts.