Williams Pinball Machines

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Williams Pinball Machines need no introduction in the pinball world. It seems all the fans of pinball are crazy about them. In the pinball industry, Williams pinball machines has created their name with golden ink. In the competitive industry of pinball games the company was like a bright star. Though the production of these games stopped long ago, the brand is still alive in the heart of its users and owners. It’s still possible to get some Williams Pinball Machines used.

Among the pinball wizards the Williams Pinball Machines are very famous. Some of them still brag to others about owning the good old machine. Since Williams entered the industry, most players found a passion in their high quality products.

Catching Up With Williams Pinball Machines in the Game

Williams Pinball MachinesThe history of pinball is very old. Let’s have a look at a few facts. Initially pinball was started from outdoor games that involved rolling balls or stones on a grass or wooden course. These outdoor games eventually converted into pinball with the idea of hitting it with sticks and sending them into a specific target. These games led to games that could be played on a table and eventually it converted into pinball machines. The machines were first built by a British man named Montague Redgrave. Redgrave was settled in America and used to manufacture bagatelle tables. Pinball machines are a slight modification of ancient bagatelle tables. The cues of ancient bagatelle tables were replaced with a coiled spring and a plunger. In those times, balls were made of marbles and small pins were used as wickets. These pinball types varied in shapes and sizes. Initially the pinball machine was very large, but with the passage of time these games started to get smaller. Eventually they became small enough to fit into bars and household game rooms.

From 1930’s the era of pinball machines headed towards a new style. Now there were coin operated machines. After that, it was all good for the pinball machine. The popularity of pinball machines raised sky high, as it was a cheap but very entertaining game. This era was started by Gottlieb,  the major manufacturing company of pinball accessories. In the year 1932 there was a new leap in pinball machine designs and devices.

There was a new pinball machine called Contact, which was produced by Pacific Amusements. The designer of “Contact” was Harry Williams, who later opened the Williams Manufacturing Company. William Manufacturing produced different arcade games and Williams Pinball Machines. Hundreds of models were produced by Williams manufacturing.

A Few Greats from The Williams Pinball Machines

A few famous Williams pinball machines are “Funhouse, The Machine Bride of Pinbot, Terminator 2, Hurricane, The Gateway, Fish Tales, Whitewater, Fracula, Indiana Jones, Star Trek (TNG), Demolition Man, Flinstones, Roadshow, Dirty Harry, No Fear, Johny Mnemonic, Congo, Arabian Nights, Junkyard, Medieval Madness, and Monster Bash”. All of these Williams pinball machines are available in refurbished form. With such a big selection, it’s likely that every taste and desire is covered. These Williams Pinball Machines prices vary from £500 to £3500.