Wood Chess Sets Type

Wood chess sets come in many different kinds, and the price can very greatly. This review gives you everything you need in order to buy wood chess sets.

Wood chess sets have been used for countless years. There is definitely some history attached with the sport of chess. There are many classic wood chess sets available that you can get for a reasonable price. These classic wood chess sets are carefully made of wood and the pieces are designed with precision. One type of set is called “French Knight,” which is sold worldwide and is very well known by gamers. The pieces are available in both natural and black. All these boards come standard with 32 pieces which you can store inside the board.

Wood Chess Sets – German Knight

Another pretty popular and quite frequently sold set is called “German Knight”. The board and pieces are made of walnut. They are mostly around $ 100 and you can purchase them through an online shop. I highly recommend this type of set to anyone who plays in a nice atmosphere and desires a nice design and style. The King piece’s height is 3.75 inches, the King’s base is 1.5 inches, Board Squares 2 inches, and board size 17.25 inches. If you purchase them today, you’ll likely have them within 5 to 7 days. Note that shipping is usually included, but it depends on the company or provider.

Another option available is to buy the pieces separately. Frequently, people who have special wishes, want to have their own designed wood chess sets, or basically have to replace lost pieces will go with this route. In this case you pay around half the price you would have to pay if you bought a new board with the pieces all included. Sets can be designed and ordered any way you’d like. Custom products are more expensive, but entirely fill the personalized needs and desires for an individual.

Wood Chess Sets – Kinds

wood chess sets Next in style is a little bit different type of chess set called maple sets. They are available and sold in over 100 styles. You can find antique modern, Potish ebony, French style, Imperial, French Staunton, Classic Style, Monarch, French Lardy, and the list goes on. They start from anywhere around $30 and can go up to well over $500 each. Note that these wood chess sets are handmade from skilled workers and specialists in the field. Players can find their very own personal designed style desired. These beautiful wood chess sets are made of different kinds of woods, like shessman, maple, burl etc. Even though many people will tell you that you will only find boards in black and natural, these are available in hundreds of individual styles.

Wood chess sets can be handed down for generations, if the owners take good care of the board and don’t lose any pieces. The quality is definitely made for a lifetime of play. They are perfect for a birthday present or as a special reward. Most folks prefer wood chess sets over hard plastic, mainly because it looks a lot more classy and valuable than most other types that aren’t wood.